Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Midsummer Night's Dream 8

Enchanting the grid since 2009, this ultimate favorite hunt mixes fantasy with ancient Greece, fairies, woodlands, love, romance, and mischief. Beautiful prizes are expected by our hunters and, with this theme it will be difficult for any merchant to disappoint! Here are a few things you should know before you look over the rules and requirements and fill out the application.

Dates: June 21 - July 21, 2017

Cost: 1L per prize for hunters. Merchant keeps all money.

Cap: 100 stores - Our hunts are arranged in paths of 20 stores each to avoid anyone getting a terrible placement. Who wants to be stop #97? This also benefits hunters, who have let us know they love being able to do the hunt in smaller chunks.

Prims - Sign is 1 prim -or-
             If you opt for the kiosk, wall 3LI, standing 4LI, double 7LI
             Hunt Item 2 prims

Saturday, January 28, 2017

World Tour 2017 Gridwide Hunt

Celebrating world culture since 2014! Our World Tour sends hunters seeking treasure on all 7 continents with a maximum of 20 stops for each continent. In other words, our hunt is broken into 5 shorter paths instead of one looooong one. (Australia, Antarctica and S America are together in 1 path.)

  • Hunt prizes are 2L each with the money going to the merchant in appreciation for their hard work and to offset some of their costs
  • Most stores providfed and male and female or unisex gift. Those who did not are clearly marked on the blog as "Female Only" 
  • We now require all locations to display a picture of their hunt prize(s) beneath the hunt sign at their store.
  • INSTRUCTIONS: Just select a path at the top of the page. Don't forget that Australia, Antarctica and S America are together in one path. Africa, Asia, Europe and North America are listed separately. So easy to do one path a time! 
  • There is a companion hud available inworld by clicking the hunt sign in any store. It is not needed, but will help you track which paths you've done and gives starting locations and other info.

  • There is a preview of the gifts HERE on our flickr

  • Look for this globe!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Candy Cane 8 Gridwide Hunt

This old favorite "festival of stripes" celebrates the holidays in a non-religious way so everyone can enjoy and participate, no matter what your faith. This year we will have a separate path for female only and male only and the rest will be male and female or unisex.

HUNTERS: Pick one of the paths listed across the top of the page to get started. Once you finish that path, move on to the next! NOTE the Sugarplum path has gifts for females only :)

Quick Details:
DATES: December 1 - December 25, 2016
COST: $2L per item. Merchant keeps money
CAP: To be determined
GIFTS: Female Only or Both/Unisex Paths!

MANDATORY: Display a picture of the hunt prize at the store.

THEME: Candy cane is our holiday season festival of stripes! Prizes, however, need not be striped. White, red, holiday, winter, whatever! Please consider carefully before creating a religious gift. They are perfectly welcome, but not all of your hunters will be religious or may belong to a different religion. Strongly suggest something everyone might like :) This is NOT a "Christmas hunt."

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Skull -n- Bones: The Black Widow 2

An all female hunt! 

October 30 - November 30, 2016

Each hunt gift costs $2L with the money going to the merchant to help offset their hard work and costs.

The first Black Widow Hunt was quite a few years ago but it was very successful due to the fact that most of the gifts were black and/or spooky or edgy. This one will be no exception!

HUNTERS - The hunt is laid out in 5 paths of 13 stores each so that you can do the hunt in chunks instead of one long list. Select one of the paths at the top of the page to get started!

All stops have female or unisex prizes. There are NO MALE PRIZES

PRIZE PREVIEW  Visit out Flickr group to see a sampling of hunt prizes.

Hunt Help Group is "Kastle/Electric Hunters"